Clarice Cliff - A very modern woman


Born in 1899 and working from the age of 13 Clarice went on to design some of the most recognisable ceramics of the age.

Clarice rose from the working-class girl in Stoke-on-Trent to become an art director and a figure of authority in a male dominated society. Still being the 1920’s glamour was never far away and it was said that she kept a cocktail gown in her office in case of sudden need. (Don’t we all? I wish!) Her famous Bizarre designs were introduced in 1928, which was also the year of the ‘flapper’ vote. Perhaps the boldness of her designs are interlinked with the growing confidence of women in society

She was a real game changer in a world dominated by men.  When she started work at the tender age of 13 there were 1,000’s of women and girls working in the industry but in the lowest jobs – at best painting prescribed patterns onto blanks.  Clarice Cliff changed all that.  A trail-blazer in her field paving the way for designers such as Susie Cooper. Women were now being taken seriously as designers!


Never out of style. Colourful, avant-garde and so evocative of the time Clarice Cliff deserves her place as the stand out female designer of ceramics of the Art Deco period.

The enduring appeal of her design means that a Clarice Cliff works are highly collectable with the rarest patterns fetching huge price.  The top recorded price being a charger which sold for a whopping £40,000.

You can however own a piece of Clarice Cliff for much less than that.  It is very affordable to collect and will guarantee to make you smile.

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