Why its good to buy vintage furniture

When we buy vintage, we are recycling in the best way possible – and making a really positive impact on the environment – particularly when it comes to vintage furniture. New furniture accounts for around 30% of illegal timber traded worldwide. This has a profoundly negative impact on the environment; resulting in disappearing wildlife, conflict, loss of habitat, and climate change. And so, a change in consumer behaviour is not only desirable but a necessary step if we are to reduce this negative impact on our planet and eco-systems. So, vintage = sustainability.

And when much of the furniture we discard ends up in landfill, the negative consequences on the environment of, for example toxic paints and varnishes, is significant.

So, buying preloved furniture is a smart choice in helping the environment, not only that, but vintage furniture more often than not, provides for added durability and craftsmanship. Not to mention the warmth and character inherent in vintage design, providing that individual touch to your home.

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