About Us

So how did Decodent come about? David and Debbie had a shared passion for vintage, particularly art deco and the inter war years. David had already started creating illustrations of some of his favourite movie stars - just for his own amusement at first. Growing tired of working solely in graphc design, and wanting to focus on illustration, he set about exploring ideas for an online shop for his prints. Then the name 'Decodent' came up - a play on Deco and decadent - a word strongly associated with the time. Then the idea of blending the art with collectables and homewares from the period emerged. Debbie then mentioned how great it would be to have a physical shop ... and sure enough on a visit to Tavistock one day, upon seeing a shop up for let in the charming Paddons Row shopping mews - they jumped, and soon enough the idea bacame reality and Decodent was born.